Who Went Where How & Why



Recently I found myself sitting alone with some spare time, which in today’s modern world is a luxury. There were many things that I began to ponder, such as who we are as a species. I went on wondering how and why we are where we are in the 21st Century. We live in a paradoxical world of everything and nothing. We have complete freedom and yet we are enslaved by many aspects of our modern world. Can you wait a minute please for I just need to check my email as I just received a text message.

I suppose my thoughts drifted through time and back into our modern history. Whilst ancient history is both fascinating and interesting, along with being necessary as part of our timeline, it is what it is, ancient history. The human species has been consistent throughout our history for we are only two things…

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About pegasus11

An Australian with a ferocious curiosity for life. I am fascinated by the human species and the natural environment.
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